Keynote speaker and advocate for business innovation



Rafe does not simply advocate innovation for its own sake. Instead, he champions it with absolute authority - an authority which has been built on many years of experience.  

His speaking style is passionate, yet down-to-earth, and covers a broad range of topics: from marketing and branding, to promoting a company culture that fosters innovation.

Drawing inspiration from his current role as Founder and Executive Chair of Sofar Sounds, Rafe is also uniquely qualified to talk about the importance of customer insights, illustrating fundamental lessons with a wealth of real-world examples.

Example keynote topic titles include:

Pretty on the inside: Your company culture is your brand.
What do consumers feel when they see your brand? Is it what your employees feel as well?  Customers pay attention to the man behind the curtain. (Think Uber.) Rafe looks at companies that get it right and wrong, from the break room to the boardroom, with first-hand experience at some of the world’s top brands.

Finding Your Future: The Three Paths to Innovation
Innovation. Sounds good. But how?  Rafe walks you down the three paths companies travel, to get to The Next Big Thing. Drawing on first-hand experience he points out the detours, short cuts and roads less travelled. More importantly, you’ll see that one company’s Yellow Brick Road is another’s dead end.

Seeing Stars: What you need to know about customer service.  
You can lose a life-long customer with one bad experience. You can make a life-long customer in just as short a time. With the myriad ways customers can interact with a brand, making every interaction a five-star experience seems daunting. Rafe will show you practical techniques on how to wrap your brand in the warm fuzzies.

SuperDinghy: Managing growth from start up to global brand.
Building a global business is like trying to turn a rowboat into the QE2 while crossing the Atlantic. As CEO and co-founder of Sofar Sounds, Rafe draws on his own experience to deliver the 10 must-know lessons that will benefit your business no matter where you are in the journey. 

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